Prayers Up Blessing Down

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Buffalo Chicken Dip

Something new I decided to try . Buffalo Chicken Dip. For this simple recipe I grilled 3 large chicken breast, then once fully cooked I took two forks and pulled back into a shredded method. To create the mixture I used 1 oz room temperature cream cheese , Frank’s hot sauce, shredded cheddar cheese and folded in the mixture. I put mixture into a baking bowl , added more cheese on top and bake for 20-25 minutes on 325º. For this dip you can serve best with chips, celery, carrots. #Food porn #homemade #shaneezacooks #buffalodip #chickendip

Rasta Pasta

I do apologize for the late response in regards to this simple recipe . I marinate the shrimp, onions, garlic and bell pepper in the marinate for 30 min. I would recommend using half teaspoon . Very spicy ! I did also use other spices such as paprika, black pepper, sazon . Then I cooked in a pan skillet until shrimp is cook and veggies tender. Then I removed all shrimp & veggies in a separate plate then added your choice of Alfredo jar sauce or whipping cream. I used for this jar Alfredo. I brought liquid to medium boil to thicken sauce , I added in grated parm cheese and shredded mozzarella to thicken sauce. I then added pasta and the cook shrimp back into pan . Lastly garnish with green scallions

Double Fried Tostone

one of my favorite snacks . Double Fried smashed Tostone.  I cut the green-to-ripe style plaintains about 2 inches thick, or your preference then fry.  Remove from pan. Then using a plaintains smasher or I use a tea cup,  with a flat surface , I smash down wards on the plantains making it flat as seen in above photo.  Then next step is to fry them for a crunchy bite. Fry for 2minutes per side,  remove from pan , add salt immediately to stick on hot oil.